Through its rich history within the MUL Group since 1865, the company Jean GAZIGNAIRE has been implementing a committed approach regarding the promotion of the finest natural raw materials, with traceability projets from the plants grown locally to aromatic extracts.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is taking into account our environmental and social impacts regarding our activities in our entire products value chain.

The beginning of 2018 underlines an acceleration in the implementation of our CSR policy, following on from the accomplished actions since the creation of the company. Our commitment to the UN Global Compact is part of our will to support, promote and integrate in our CSR strategy, the United Nations 10 principles regarding Human Rights, International Labor, Sustainable environment and fight against corruption.

Why should you join the United Nations Global Compact?

Nowadays, companies have a key role to play in building sustainable societies. Stakeholders (employees, trading partners, ONG, Governments, etc.) are asking more and more proof of responsibility and investors want to have guarantees about suppliers and clients CSR commitments.

The organizations’ sustainable development support influences their durability, acceptability and their economic viability.  Reviewing their own process, strategy and integrating CSR principles and objectives allows to reduce risks and to attract more talented people. This will leverage innovation, efficiency and value creation.

The United Nations Global Compact is a worldwide key initiative for companies. It offers some guidelines and roadmap for continuous improvement.

By the beginning of 2019, you will be able to follow our Communication On Progress (COP) accomplished regarding the United Nations 10 principles.