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Our aromatic products

The different technologies extraction, distillation and blending possibilities mastered on the Group’s sites make GAZIGNAIRE a partner for all your aromatic projects.

Our flavoring preparations are then used for the development of extracts on liquid, powder or paste carriers, to respond to the various applications of all aromatic, food, cosmetic or frangrances industries: tailor-made extracts in terms of organoleptic profiles, concentrations, solubilities, textures, etc.

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Produits aromatiques
Aromatic products
Produits aromatiques
Vanilla drying


At GAZIGNAIRE, the Vanilla extraction is our main activity; Vanilla is one of the favorite ingredients in the aromatic formulations. Through decade, we have been developing several ranges of Vanilla extract, enhancing the organoleptic specificities of every botanical species and pod location around the world. Therefore, our R&D team works on several Vanilla origins and species along with partners identified.

  • VANILLA PLANIFOLIA, Madagascar, Mexique, Indonésie, Ouganda / VANILLA PLANIFOLIA, Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia, Uganda
  • VANILLA TAHITENSIS, Tahiti, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée / VANILLA TAHITENSIS, Tahiti, Papouasie – New Guinea
  • VANILLA POMPONA, Guyane / VANILLA POMPONA, French guyana

Representing 70% of our business, Vanilla is a symbolic raw material for our sourcing:

  • A sourcing that guaranties a certified origin, a high quality and a complete traceability from Vanilla pod to Oleoresins and aromatic extracts.
  • Sorting and selecting the best Vanilla pod quality.
  • A quality control that certified the origin and the purity of our oleoresins and Vanilla Bourbon Madagascar extracts.
  • A real time market information on the worldwide Vanilla production and evolution.
  • Transparency and knowledge sharing.

For more than 10 years, the Group has been working on new Vanilla cultivation programs and support of local communities.

  • Partnerships with identified producers
  • Establishing planting programs for sustainable and secured supply.

Our Vanilla supply chain’s in Madagascar is vertically integrated with a support of  local communities in terms of  social, societal and economic issues.

  • Traceability in 4 regions: Sambava, Ambanja, Mananara and Maroantsera
  • Cohesion and creation of farmers associations, traceability of the association
  • Expertise and know-how in the traditional Vanilla preparation process.
  • Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certifications.
  • CSR programs with local commitments.
  • Accreditation for packing and export.
Coffee seeds
Tonka beans

Our Specialities

With historical know-how in selecting original cocoa beans (Equatorial Africa) we develop and produce complete lines of cocoa extracts with aromatic and physical-chemical profiles targeting the requirements of each market. Our skills acquired through contact with cocoa producers allow us to provide a personalized response, adapted to the technological, regulatory and marketing constraints of our clients’ projects.

Our range of oleoresins and coffee extracts is rich and varied. It offers various coffee flavours, made from a selection of origins and blends (Arabica or Robusta), varied roasting degrees, to allow the creation of authentic coffee aromas.

Our Tonka beans originate from South America are harvested from May to September. The beans’ drying step allows a thin layer of frosted coumarin crystals to appear on the surface of the bean. This stage of preparation for the beans guarantees quality and allows the bean to gain in olfactory and aromatic power. Our tonka bean extraction methods are complex and aim to transcribe as faithfully as possible the sweet, subtle and coumarin flavor so much sought after by the creators of the fragrance and flavours

In the Northern Laos Mountains, benzoin tears are collected by climbing Styrax trees, in the same way they were tapped six months previously. This resinous exudate is then sorted and classified by grade from A to D. Thanks to the work of our Laotian producer partner, we can guarantee full traceability of our batches. We treat a mixture of grades thus guaranteeing the best appreciation possible of all the harvested products. It is in our facilities that we extract with ethanol, a mild, sweet and vanilla flavoured resinoid.


Our products follow a strict quality approach in order to meet market expectations as closely as possible.

Some of our agricultural sectors and products are certified organic, fair trade, kosher, halal and are are committed to sustainable development. We thus guarantee a selection in the used raw materials’ origin and a control of the manufacturing processes in accordance with the codes expected by these certifications.

Gazignaire, certificated aromatic products

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