Participation in L’art au fil de l’eau around the theme of flowers and perfumes in Pégomas!

Organized by the municipality of Pégomas this Saturday, June 3, 2023, it is with pleasure and enthusiasm that we supported and accompanied the municipality of Pégomas in the organization of the event L’art au fil de l’eau.
Through the partnership program set up between MUL Foundation and the municipality, we have developed an olfactory trail around aromatic and medicinal plants grown locally in our experimental garden, the JEX. This event was also an opportunity to inaugurate the Bateau district, historic district of our family and our activity on Pégomas. The installation of perfume and aromatic plants in the neighborhood as well as the creation of a totem panel makes it possible to trace the history of the neighborhood, our family and to promote local know-how. A very nice event that brought together nearly 600 people highlighting the artistic creations of the schools of Pégomas.