Corporate seminar

At our annual company seminar, we had the opportunity to talk about climate change and the bitter orange tree!

The morning began with a Climate Pitch led by Aurore Monod-Broca and Paul Vergnot to explain the causes and consequences of climate change. It was also an opportunity to present our Carbon Footprint and the low-carbon reduction trajectory of Jean GAZIGNAIRE – Groupe MUL.

Welcomed on the site of the Nérolium cooperative, our long-standing partner in the Bigaradier sector, our teams were also able to visit the eco-museum in the presence of Renée Pugi, President of the cooperative, take part in olfactory workshops and visit our Bigaradier plot planted with 350 trees in the grounds of the Château Robert in Golfe Juan, as part of our programme to revive the sector begun in 2018.

A wonderful day full of discoveries and olfaction!