Orange Blossom and Rose Centifolia

This week ends the picking of the Orange Blossom, while the Rose Centifolia will enter its third week of harvest. For nearly fifteen days, two emblematic flowers of the Pays de Grasse cultures rubbed shoulders in our extraction and distillation workshops.
Our business faces climate, recruitment and regulatory challenges. With the involvement of our agricultural teams, in R&D, and in our workshops, we are committed to putting our 5 generations of expertise at the service of innovation both on the environmental and biodiversity protection aspects, and socially. Agro-ecological practices, acclimatization, water management, training, in an experimental garden of nearly 1 hectare 30 plant species are studied.
It is indeed important today to redefine the role of the farmer, and to value knowledge.
The harvest of the Rose will continue every day until the end of May. The flower just bloomed, delicate and fragrant, barely picked will be chimney on our sites to be transformed, either by extraction or distillation, for the production of concrete, absolute or rose hydrosol.
We wish a good harvest of Roses to all the producers of the Pays de Grasse who work for the sustainability of these sectors, the transmission of traditions, which make the richness of our heritage!