One terroir, one sector

In the heart of the Balkan region, in Bulgaria, we have developed several ranges of aromatic extracts based on our cultivated or wild-harvested supply chains. The richness of this region allows us to offer hydrosols and essential oils from local plants such as Damascena Rose, Witch Hazel, Blueberry, Meadowsweet, Chamomile or Fine Lavender on a site that has just been expanded to accommodate new distillation and storage capacities for our hydrosols.
The complete traceability that we have down to the plots of crops or wild picking areas allows us to promote local know-how. Innovative agricultural practices are part of an Organic Agriculture and For Life certification.
In addition to innovation in plant cultivation, we are also developing new ranges of extracts derived from plant by-products after distillation. In this way, we promote all the products and by-products of the sector.