We participate in the soil day

Every year on 5 December, World Soil Day reminds us of the importance of soil quality for food security, for all living organisms and ecosystems.

Ahead of this day, the city of Châteauneuf-de-Grasse and the Sophipolitan company Mycophyto are organizing a morning of exchanges in connection with the Cercle des Sols.

Under the chairmanship of Erik Orsenna, experts from many disciplines – scientists, doctors, farmers, industrialists, lawyers, elected officials, entrepreneurs – will discuss the challenges of soil degradation, discuss local experiences and propose possible solutions that reconcile all land users.

Jean GAZIGNAIRE – Groupe MUL will intervene alongside soil specialists to present the solutions we are already implementing to preserve soils, improve their fertility in order to rely on a sustainable model that cares about the environment and current issues.

See you on November 24, 2021, from 1:30 pm to 5 pm at La Terrasse des Arts 90 chemin de la Rouguière – route du Village – 06740 CHATEAUNEUF-GRASSE