A family story

Farmers for five generation

Gazignaire was founded in 1865, with its head office in the heart of the French aromatic industry, nearby the city of Grasse, world capital of flavours and fragrances, and has specialized very early in the extraction and distillation of the finest natural raw materials for producing the extracts largely used by the flavours and fragrances industries.

Farmer since five generations, Marius Mul  has decided in the 70’s to give value to its own vegetable raw material with the extraction and distillation activities, putting effort into building a whole project of raw material traceability: from the plant grown locally in its own fields in Pégomas to the aromatic extracts an oleoresins designed for flavours (raspberries, peaches, apples, prunes, basil, roses, etc.). Thus, he takes over the management of Gazignaire in the 90’s.

Gazignaire has also broadened its products portfolio and know-how while integrating in 2008 the Ets Ernest Cavasse, another sister aromatic company from the group, specialized in the extraction of spices and aromatic herbs (especially the vanilla oleoresins).

While taking over the top management for the Group in 2006, Marius daughter’s Cécile keeps the same entrepreneurship vision by associating the historical farming activities and sustainable projects with the industrial activity of Gazignaire.

Sustainable sourcing

Our niche market positioning as supplier of aromatic extracts for flavours and fragrance industries for the « brown notes » : Vanilla, cocoa, coffee, tonka, has developed over the years.

This positioning implies a high level of knowledge and expertise; The Group has grown in 2016, with the birth of Mul Aromatiques, specialized in the sourcing of raw materials from vegetal origin with following objectives:

  • Mastering the sourcing of our raw materials (no traders, direct contact with producers)
  • A strong supply-chain, sustainable and secure for guaranteeing to our clients a certified origin, same quality and traceability (select and booking specific production batches)

A responsible raw materials sourcing which ensures a certified origin, a constant quality and a whole traceability from the vegetables to the oleoresins and extracts getting out of our soxhlet extractors and steam distillators

  • Securing a sustainable supply to ensure a certified origin, full traceability and consistent quality, from the plants until our extracts (oleoresins)
  • Implementing partnerships with local staff for selecting the best quality of raw materials
  • Controlling quality and authenticating the origin for our extracts
  • Providing reliable information about crop and the world market reports and trends
  • Favoring transparency and sharing knowledge with our flavour & fragrance houses customers
  • Assisting and supporting our customers in their CSR projects

The Mul group is the fifth generation of a farmers family

The CSR project takes into account these farming activities, the cultvation of flowers for perfumes, the production of oleoresins and a diverse range aromatic extracts, and their effect on the environment

Our CSR approach and CSR commitment relies on following actions/tools:

  • The SSE management (Health, Safety, at work and Environment)
  • Tools for assessment and measurement of the environmental performance (indicators ACV, etc.)
  • An environmental and society-related communication
  • Specialized team for regulatory management, giving tasks and responsibilities to each employee
  • Environment and safety audits
  • Professional risks analysis

Download Our COP (Communication On Progress) 2020

  • In compliance with the rules in force
  • Expand the activity while minimizing the effect on environment
  • Protect our employees, their health and safety at work, and reducing the demanding nature of work with appropriate workstations
  • Well-being at work.through listening, conviviality and team builiding,
  • Improve the ecological awareness for each or of our employees through technical skills acquisition
  • Transparency in the discussion and building relationships with the government authorities
  • Sourcing our strategical raw materials with sustainable cultivation chains, to have full traceability, fair prices and cultivation practices respecting the biodiversity, environment and workers
  • Selecting suppliers and sub-contractors compliant with the rules in force, human rights


Its growth depends on common values shared by each of our employees for more than a century: respecting the manufactured product, its naturalness and conformity with our customers’ expectations.

From the plant to the extract: the partnership with the farmers from the Mul Group guarantees the quality and traceability of the raw materials.

  • Respecting and protecting the tradition.
  • Mastering the whole production steps
  • Eco-friendly agriculture.

We make every effort to fulfill our commitments every day. Listening to our clients, creating extracts and natural flavours suitable for their requirements, producing them with consistency and reliability, this is the reason why we exist and appear as different from our competitors.

Cécile MUL

The company GAZIGNAIRE is part of the food and cosmetic industry. Our pledge to Quality and Food Safety for our products is our top priority and commitment to ensure the integrity of our products and services and deliver superior products that exceed our customers’expectations.
The company GAZIGNAIRE focuses on a fundamental objective that is to ensure Quality and Food Safety of its manufactured products from R&D to shipping.
The principles and objectives for our quality policy are the following:

  • Respecting our customers expectations and needs thanks to a regular listening, in the frame of Regulation, Quality, Environmental, Food Safety and Staff Security rules;
  • Increasing the team spirit and federate our employees to the corporate culture;
  • Verifying the ability of our raw materials suppliers and service providers to deliver products that meet our specifications;
  • Respecting the Good Manufacturing Practices as well as operational agreements;
  • Following up and analyzing the customer claims and demands to optimize our system;
  • Confirm our commitment in our societal, ethical and organic approaches.
  • Renew every year our FSSC 22000 certification

To achieve those goals, this policy must be understood by each one of our employee.
The general management commit to offer necessary means and resources for developing and improving continuously our Quality and Food Safety Management System, by giving responsibility to an experienced team for the implementation, follow up and reporting of the system.

Sustainable management of raw materials: quality and traceability

  • Studying and controlling our products life cycle
  • Getting experienced and providing accurate information on environmental impact coming from our activities
  • ing at alternate extraction process (eco-extraction)
  • Giving objective and comparable environmental datas
  • Being different than other companies, being involved from the crop cultivation to the finished extracts

Our products (oleoresins, extracts and floral waters) are manufactured under the strict methods approved by organic accreditors in order to meet with the requirements of organic markets:

  • We work in close partnership with raw materials suppliers.
  • We process raw materials from organic farming.
  • We produce 100% organic products (oleoresins, infusions, distillates, etc.).
  • We respect the environment through all the manufacturing steps and process.
  • Certification BIO-NOP (Ecocert) for each one of our production sites (rules EC n°834/2007 et USDA NOP Final Rule 7 CFR part 205)

Our products are Kosher certified by the KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din), we assure a selection of the raw materials origin, a control of manufacturing steps in accordance with food standards of Judaism.