With historical know-how in the selection of original cocoa beans (Ghana, Venezuela, Madagascar, São Tomé and Principe, etc.) Jean GAZIGNAIRE – Groupe MUL develops and produces complete lines of cocoa extracts with aromatic and physico-chemical profiles targeting the requirements of each market. Our skills acquired in contact with cocoa farmers allow us to provide a personalized response for each flavoring project.
“Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the fruits of the cocoa tree, the pods, are harvested at full maturity every 10 days, delicately by hand so as not to compromise future harvests. The pods are then opened and the seeds are extracted during pruning.
The seeds are then anaerobicly fermented under banana leaves. The acidic pulp turns into alcohol by deteriorating, then a lactic fermentation begins letting juices escape and penetrate air which then launches an acetic fermentation accompanied by a thermophilic phase.The seeds then change color and change from white to chocolate brown. The seeds are finally dried for a few days in the sun to go from 60% to 6% moisture before being sorted for export.”
bruno campana, Head of Agronomic and Sustainable Sourcing.