Lavender, Meadowsweet, Cornflower

Alongside the Damascena Rose, we are also developing the Lavender, Cornflower and Meadowsweet sectors in the Kazanlak valley and the Plovdiv mountains in Bulgaria, for the production of certified organic and essential oils and hydrolats and for life.

It was at the start of the harvest that we went to the site last week to follow the agricultural and social programmes set up locally. The climatic conditions are right this year for the quality of the flowering. We are pleased to share with you some photos of these beautiful raw materials for perfumery and cosmetics, produced in an unprecedented way with a strong commitment to respecting biodiversity, and cultivation following the principles of agroecology and regenerative agriculture.

Passing on, sharing our know-how, our knowledge and exchanging our experiments with other farmers working like us and with the same philosophy but in other areas and territories is the richness of our beautiful profession.