Mul Foundation works to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Date : 2019 – 2021

Location: France, East Europe, Equatorial Africa, North Africa, East Africa


In a global context of environmental impact reduction and responsible consumption around the world, plastic use is a major axis in the global ocean pollution and the biodiversity preservation. Indeed, the oceanic circular currents trap the plastic wastes and micro plastics to create waste vortex located mainly in the North of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Japan with 80 thousand tons of plastic in the ocean, as well as Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar with 53.6 thousand tons of plastic.* Following the European Union vote in a first time and then United Nations in a second time to remove single plastic use by 2030, the association, companies and institutions have the responsibility to find alternative solutions that are sustainable and less polluting.


In response to current environmental issues, MUL Foundation is committed in sustainable and responsible initiatives, with the objective of biodiversity and environment protection. Launched in Octobre, the project aims to create and offer isothermal flasks to all stakeholders of MUL Foundation in France and abroad.

It is a general interest action allowing the prohibition of single use plastic in order to reduce quantities of waste. MUL Foundation offers for free some flasks to its partners and to the all the actors of the value chain and its founding members.

In 2019, 500 flasks will be distributed in France and abroad with the objective of expanding the project in 2020.

The use of isothermal flasks is deeply linked with the access of drinkable water for local communities living in some developing regions. Therefore MUL Foundation, with the support of its founding members plans to create specific programs for the creation of wells or water source with local partners.


1 platic bottles = 100ml of petroleum, 80g of coal, 42L of gas and 2L of water