The citrus fruits garden

Location : Le Bar-sur-Loup, France

Duration: Finalization of the citrus fruits garden in October 2019

The context:

Le Bar-sur-Loup is a village located 350 meters above sea level, in the Préalpes d’Azur Natural Parc. The municipality has today almost 3 000 inhabitants and offers a very specific soil for citrus fruits cultivation.

There are a lot of agricultural lands, mainly on the heights of the village. Many citrus fruits were cultivated in the early 1900’s such as sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon, kumquat and pomelo.

A local orange celebration takes place every year, with special events showing the different applications of the fruit.

Nowadays, local production of citrus fruit is declining and the village would like to revitalize and raise awareness among the citrus fruits.


The project:

In partnership with the village of Le Bar-sur-Loup, MUL Foundation has launched the creation of the citrus fruits garden, located on a municipal land. The garden has been entirely designed and implemented by MUL Foundation in an educational and environmental purpose.

The garden counts more than 35 different citrus fruits species (sweet orange, bitter orange, yuzu citrus, kumquat, satsuma mandarin, etc.), placed in a 1 500 square meters land.

This project demonstrates a strong local commitment, as it will offering free visit to school, educational centers and inhabitants of the village. They will discover existing varieties in Le Bar-sur-Loup and raise awareness among good agricultural practices for cultivation.

All the fruits collected will be given to local association and school to be transformed into juices or food.