Supporting the Riou welcome center

The context:

In France, more than 500 000 disable people are welcomed every day in some specific social and medical centers, that is to say an increase of 5% a year. Existing centers need to be renovated. The current situation requires a total support in the development of activities offered to residents in order to improve living conditions and social integration.

In Châteauneuf de Grasse, the Riou welcome center is part of the AFPJR Association, located in the Alpes Maritimes department with 18 specialized centers in three main areas: Reception and specialized education, Accommodation and social living & Adapted work companies.

Created in 1966 by a family of farmers, under the 1901 French laws, the association knew how to grow up and understand society transformations, changes and evolutions. Nowadays, the AFPJR keeps on developing and reinforcing its presence in the local region of Grasse by modernizing its welcome centers.

MUL Foundation supports the AFPJR Association through the Riou welcome center, to improve every day, living conditions for disable people.


The project:

MUL Foundation brings a financial support to the Foyer Riou, in order to modernize the Foyer and offer some outdoor facilities for the 49 residents of the Foyer.

This project aims to improve comfort and living conditions for the residents within the center, and therefore to raise awareness and develop activities offered by the Foyer Riou, related to environment, biodiversity, health and culture.

MUL Foundation is helping the Foyer Riou in gathering financial funds to develop its activities around a 6 hectares field.

The offered activities are the following:

  • Sport, well-being and relaxation: Walk gym, horse ridding, swimming, artistic workshop, etc.
  • Culture and creation: theater, body expression, singing, percussion, dance, pottery, plastic arts, exhibition, etc.
  • Educational farm and nature: environment discovering, animal cares, gardening, flower culture, etc.


All of the activities offered by the Riou welcome center allow encouraging social opening and diversity.


You can find all the detailed information regarding the Riou welcome center in the website :